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in the beginning


mind me for my boring lame life i've been living these days.
these few days, i was stalking my bf's myspace. hahaha yeahhh i know, dont tell me !
so while checking on his inbox, i stumbled upon this,

Dear Heartthrob ( AJE ),
I love him with all my heart. Like a heart needs a beat to sustain. He's a real so one of a kind. He's the guy who knows how to melt me. His fingers fit mine, his lips hot mine, his arm hugs mine, his legs escort mine, his eyes pierce mine. He's a guy with a great hot-tempered, he secures me dashingly. He never allow any other dicks get into the line. My passionate fire will never go out for him. How could i ever survive with my pulse dead.. He indulges me, and so do i. He lifts and floats me everytime we touch. He clutches me tight evertime we walk. He hooks me everytime we look into each others eyes. I LOVE YOU may sounds cliche, but I'm proud to shout it over trillion times.

a paragraph i sent to him. dont laugh, this was long time ago,
when all the love is widely spread. lol
nowadays, my relationship with him, is fun no more.
this month, i haven't had the chance to see him, i know almost a month.
it concerns me and i do feel sad over this.
mhmmmmmmmmmmmmm tell u what, for the past years,
we stopped doing all those common things like other couples' do.
we dont chat over the phone over the night.
we dont talk over the phone over than 5 minutes.
i can count how many times he calls me everyday.
today, he called me once only. yes, that only lasted for less than 2 minutes.
pathetic right?
i cry like every night, :'(
we text to each other less than 10 times i think.
that goes only when we report ourselves.
'ayg, b kwa jap' 'b, ayg kwa jap' yeah, thats all.
nahh, cut it off.

au revoir, daaaa

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