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another day


guess what??? i just woke up.
opened my eyes, and tried to feel my nose, ohhhh still having flu.
tried to check my throats, nope, still didn't clear. sore throats.
tried to feel my body, meigadddd not feeling well. lil headache andddd i can feel my forehead heats.
plus minus, equal to SICK !
aje also sick, yesterday he didn't eat rice at all.
he wrapped himself home. i was worrying about him, and call him every hour.
he didn't have the energy to even text me. oh lol my pity tiny lover !
i aware it much that its a sick season. nahhh, its okay.
mama still have her medicine stock.
she's the best mum i tell ya.
she labelled every plastics, so i just grab each one that hits mine.

last day, which is saturday, i went to the workshop,
check with the mechanic about my cinonet's drvie shaft.
he said it was fine. except for the arms. idk what the hell are they. lol
no need to worry much, an average problem of old car will have.
so the perodua service center totally got me freaked out last time.
gonna kill ya, will never send my cinonet there ever !
it charged me rm40 for labor charge itself. so expensive right???
better i just send my cinonet for service at any service center or shop. far much cheaper.

oh not to forget to tell ya, that my cinonet had it first scratch already !
it wasn't because of me, i bet.
last time, there was a motorcycle parked very close to my cinonet.
i dind't notice the scratch that night, it only hit my eyes the next day. phftttttttt
it was getting my nerves even now !

thats all for now, au revoir, daaaa

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