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their marriage

last sunday, me and aje went to my officer's wedding.
she's the superior and i'm the contract clerk. but i prefer colleague. :)

so nothing much. the wedding held at WISMA SEJARAH. just next to national library.
the day before, me and aje shopped for her wedding present.

after went to WISMA SEJARAH, we off to w.walk. caught MI ghost protocol.
it was okay movie.

enjoy visual aids :)

kak jaja looks lovely at those pictures :)
and i adore above picture of me and colleagues ♥ i look gorgeous, am i? HAHAHA

can see?????

oh well, credit to beby fatin, shes helping much in choosing the right tudung. hahaha
i don't have new shawls. sad me :(

and kak jaja's pictures were taken during the silat time just before they entered the dewan.
haha they are obviously not seating on their pelamin. lol the pelamin was much prettier.

what do u think of their invitation card?? unique right? 

au revoir, daaaa

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fatinah amir. said...

bby i think u look gorgeous ! :D