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(10th Dec 2011)

supposedly today i will go for overtime work to earn.
but unfortunately, i kinda late.
due to this !
but, due to some ridiculous fact, i neglected my $$$, replacing it with human kind. lol

yes, seriously they are amazing.
i always feed the big mummy every morning just before i leave to work.
she'll meow2 on the front door.
but today she didn't. despite the fact that i'm still crawling on the bed as today don't need to clock in early as usual.
hoho skip that.

hai people, I AM GARANG
and im the big giant mummy who has finally gave birth to these 3 lovely kittens. lol

can u seeeeeeeeeeeee? they are milking, anddddd so sweeet
mother didn't let me get closer. mother was being over protective.
mother didn't realize that im actually the one who's been feeding her. lol

oh my, i want its nose !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

spot on the perang's leg. its trying so hard ! lol

comellllllllllllllllllllllllll sangat. they amazed me, the reason why i skip my OT work today. lol

au revoir, daaa
*i've been drafting this post like a week. yea i know. im so lazy these days.

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