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Assalamualaikum & hello. Please be friendly. No harsh words !


lets say goodbye :(


i feel so very excited to write my bloggay about this kind of thing.
so u did aware that i was a contract clerk at Great Eastern Life right?
yeahhh, i finally ended my contract today.
dragging my feet clocking out for the very last time today was quite uneasy.
it was a short period yet very expensive experiences gained. i meant, priceless.

when i first stepped my both feet at the giant tower,
i thought it would be the opposite of what i experienced today.
i never foresee today.
how could i? my internship experiences wasn't really blessed.

still remember,
my adrenaline rushed up and down. my heart beat fast when i met Nuan, (supervisor)
she was the one who escorted me from level 1(HR dept) to level 4(memorable sps dept)
yes, i was placed at customer service, the endorsment unit of system and process section.
nahhhh, reminicing back is never be easy for me. i don't have strong memory. haha

okay stop this crappy paragraph, qutiq ! no one wants to read yr KARANGAN !

dear Loh Yih Teng (Esther Loh)
yr the first one who i feel easy with.
u smiled at me everytime i looked at u(my first day). hahha (yr place was the closest one)
she was friendly andd seemed nice at the very first (lol)
and damnnn u, yr the one who dragged me to see azman.
that was the trap. fortunately it didn't take much time before i got the wake up call.
nahh, skip that. let it be the secret of us( if u know who i mean lahh, haha)
so she was my walking partner, toilet partner, lunch-time partner.
seems like we do a lot of things together huh?
yeahhh, she's the closest one.
and today she was being nice,
brought her samsung galaxy tab to the office,
letting me and kak siti get excited to doodle time. hahhaa thx alot.
what can i describe about her?
friendly, kinda blur person yet cheerful anddddddd i like to sing her name.
today i sang 'esther esther party party party no, nani nani nani no, param param pamm' i replaced the word 'disco disco to her name instead. hahaha
and not to forget, shes skinny as me. thats why we're partner. lol

dear wahida,
she's the contract clerk. same like me right?
thats why i feel right when with her. same level. lol
her boyf is zaquan. hahahha our ball team. no lahhh, thier face look very much alike only.
she was my praying partner, also my roti partner.
what more? idk. out of idea already. oh anddd, shes a year younger than me.

dear kak siti and kak fide,
well kak siti and kak fide, at the very first week there, i couldn't differentiate both of u.
hahaha my bad, my memory is bad. phfttt
kak siti and kak fide what can i say about them,
gorgeous and wonderful sisters.
kak siti and i both like SHInee. hehe :)
kak fide has boyfriend and i have too. share things in common right?
for sure, we share countless laughs together.
im not really an adaptable person,
so u have like a very clear mind how fast i adjusted myself with them right?
we lauched together also.
kak fide, i'll DERMA DARAH as advised to gain weight. DON'T WORRY.
kak siti, don't watch running man till late night. otherwise, u'll end up skinny like me. hahaha

dear sarah,
same age with me :)
lovely and helpful friend.
idk, are u mix chinese? i think so. and maybe i heard so.
she called me siput. tsk tsk well not to mention, they have many names for me.
idk why. but i notice that, she likes flower hair ban.
oh my, sarah minah jiwang eh? hahaha

dear kak fazura, kak jaja, jasmine, nuan,
4 different personality i have here.
kak fazura is like last malay lady, kak jaja more like typical woman,
jasmine is unique indian lady, nuan is the clumsy one we got here. hehe
all are very helpful.
kak jaja, just married. storied u about her wedding at my last entry.
kak fazura, she has ustaz with her. hahaha
jasmine, u have built a very stable long relationship huh?
well, kak jaja spilled about yr 6y relationship to me. the blame is on her now. lol
nuan, kind supervisor for short. haha

dear kak faridah,
she was 1st class graduated student. wow, so clever huh u?
not much to describe.
less or more, i can say, she's korean girl.
she likes korea very much.

dear kak zira,
omg, I AM SO SPEECHLESS AND TEARFUL RECEIVING yr farewell gift just now.
i never expect that from u,
i thought u didn't like me, seriously.
we didn't talk much right?
seriously i appreciate that very much. what a cute pinky gifts.
heee though i dislike pink but this one is very cute one.
the frame, mirror and pink shawl. thank you so very much.
i personally admire u.
u look very down to earth person :)

dear chong,
hey my scandal.
be good there. hahaha don't afraid, they are not harmful.

dear lovely MISS JESSICA CHAN,
u are wonderful,
thx for buying me the lunch.
great time to lunch in with u :)

dear everyone,
im so very thankful to have this experience.
thx for the gifts.
thx a lot.
couldn't describe the feeling into words.
the experiences i had was indescribably wonderful and amazing.

so many things i have in mind,
couldn't split them into words.
what can i say,
we can never buy experience. so to have it, im so grateful enough.
andddd, ill consider about sending my resume 2 years in time. hahaha


these few pictures below are captured only half of the joyous. 
couldn't describe my exact feeling for sure, but still enjoy them;

from miss jessica chan (our head)

half of us

my officers

farah, kak fazu, kak jaja (don't need to mention me lahh)

my scandalicious

my good friend

oh maiii, how come im the shortest?

kak hajar, wahida, sarah, me, kak zeera

yang paling vogue. haha

shawls and green oversized bag :)

my special card from them

kak zeera's (mirror inside)

looks like diamond right? (mirror)

paper bag from kak zeera

paper bag from them

frame :)
farewell SPS, i'll come after 2 years :)

au revoir, daaa

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