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its the law of attraction

one day at lifetime as a student in the MARA University of Technology,
i had went to a talk organized.
the main topic was 'law of attraction'
idk how to explain here. as im not a really savvy person to turn to.
u can just google for it.
i feel, this 'law of attraction' really impact of what i've become now.
its about the positivity and negativity u tend to think about things u want.
yes, i always want positive things in my life.
hence, i let my dominant thoughts to be positive.
its the goals of life u want to achieve.
applying this theory, really successfully achieved what i have at the moment.
u should google it.
mainly, the theory doesn't just apply to our positive thinking.
but also goes to negative thinking.
i always try as much as i can to avoid from thinking bad especially when it comes to something real huge in my life.
of course when a day, u come to work, then u'll think this way;
'oh hrni mst aku pnat sbb smlm tdo lmbt'
surprisingly it happened then. because yr brain has set it that way.
and your body also tend to follow your thoughts.
same goes to when u have set that u won't pass yr exam with flying marks.
u have set it that way. thus, your effort also only equal to what yr brain has limit.
simply that way right? u'll never think. but it does happen in our daily lives.
so instead of thinking about something negative to happen,
let u just think positively all day through.

maybe because of i always want to get the dean list previously on every semester,
then i hardly go for it and have no time to take care of my body,
till my weight dropped. lol
i pushed myself really hard seriously. u can see the transformations my body had during my Dip year.
*sigh thats how ppl with less brain like me achieve their goals kot.
work my days beyond boundaries, skip the meals, follow the rules, and whatsoever.
i was born with unnaturally clever. have to forced myself dying hard. phfttt
so far so good. the vice chancellor award is the proudest thing ever happened in my life.
still have long wayyyyyyyyyyyy to go !

so actually, i've come to the negative thinking about the movie of;
because everyone in facebook keep telling negative comments about the movie !
so please, don't let 'the law of attraction' apply today when im about to enjoy every moments of catching it !

i know this entry was a bit serious by first paragraph.
but by right, u should stop leaving the negative comments about OMBAK RNDU.
i haven't watch yet ! lol

best gila novel ni.

but before, let me leave u a few links about this theory, ITS A VERY USEFUL THEORY that does impact my life !

au revoir dadaa

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i told ya! :D