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I am devastatingly disappointed


i told u on previous entry that i will catch the ombak rindu film yesterday outing.
but guess what? unfortunately all tickets were sold out.
both at pavi and ts' cinema. *sigh
so instead we went for a karoeke yesterday.
we were just rounding and hanging out.
actually the blame was on eg. HAHAHA as he was the one who late.
we arrived ts around 3 something. have our late brunch at ts's food court.
only then we left to get the ticket. phfttt all sold out.

not much moments were captured visually.
if me and aje only, maybe we'll snap loads of pictures.
but i feel quite uneasy to retake over and over pictures with aje when eg and his gf were around.
lol so here u go,

me and bf. i know we both looked like fugly couple. lol

eg and kecik(his gf)

so after getting bored, we off to danau and had our dinner at mali's corner.
me and aje had char k tiow. eg had nasi lemak ayam. his gf didn't eat at all.
*she was on diet KOT. huhu
so end of the day. aje drove me home.

couldn't catch OMBAK RINDU. so terrible :(
but i'm so gonna catch it next week. hahaha

end of writing ♥ earthlings.

au revoir, dadaaa

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