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double the date !


i know, i suppose to post this entry like week ago. but here i am,
lol im so lazy these days huh? omaigodddd, aje is so true ! i am pemalas girl.
to move fingers on keyboard, like so easy things to do. but still im lazy to do so.
actually, last saturday me, aje, eg and kecik had the double date together.
we didn't do much things.
*oh the reason crosses my mind now
okay i know why im too lazy to update. BECAUSE WE MISSED THE MAIN PURPOSE FOR THE DOUBLE DATE ! yah we didn't catch ombak rindu ! demyu !
mhm (i want to watch tomorrow) tomorrow i have something on. i dont want to think about watching it.
afraid i'll miss it again. lol
so here are pictures for last saturday;

to summarized, we were first went to pavi, and up to danau kota. they shisha-ed and whatsoever.

au revoir, daaaa

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