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whats up dude !


whats up guys, i haven't been updating recently due to my overloaded hectic daily schedule.
lol so as u all know im as the so-called-president-wannabe was tied to work commitment.
hahaha seriously, whats with the fuss huh qutiq? yr only a contract worker. A TEMPORARY !
puhleaseeeeeeeeee don't draw the line okay qutiq??

okay back to story (actually i don't have any to tell right now)

omgggggg, it just popped out. i wanna tell u that i am sooooooo nervous this evening !
i just have my first time experience driving the car. i meannnnn, after i got the P andddd obviously, there's no tutor or tester sitting next to me ! lol
so this evening i drove my sis's myvi car. AUTO. highlight that. its auto. first experience to drive auto.
i know everyone knows that auto car is easier than manual one right? but that was first experience, again i repeat. haha andddddddddddd,

yesterday i had dinner with aje at The Castle Kg. Baru.
again, first time experience. hahaha i ought to rename this entry as first experience right???

so enjoy visual aids;


this is mine

i couldn't recall any of the menu names for that day :) hahaha eh wait,
the one that i ate is, kebab(lamb) plate. hahaha but look at mine so many dishes at a menu. haha
worth it the 20bucks right guys?? and aje's is like maybe 12 bucks. his was value meal :)

i mistakenly ordered papaya shake ! i want banana instead !

yesterday evening(25/11/11), he fetched me up at Sri Rampai station then we headed to the near W.walk as i didn't perform Asar yet. after finished performing both Asar and Maghrib, i guided him to my workplace.
he didn't know where is it, so later on it will be easier for him to fetch me up right? i just pointed the building,
and straightly headed to grab the arab's foods ! deliciousssssssssssssss !

food mood off ! lets switch to a bit serious mode. hahaha work workkk !
nahh, its not going to be a serious thing. i just wanna introduce u, a colleague of mine. im much closer to her compared to the rest. shes Esther loh ! hahaha

newly bride for just weeks i guess :)

17 girl's mind stuck in 25 y/o body ! haha

this is like so giant of Xmas tree right?

haha me want to interframe too !
pictures taken on last friday (yesterday evening lahh) so the Xmas celebration was celebrated a bit early right?
*aje said, i look very 'cantek' in the kurung ! :) omggggggg blushing already. lol

today i haven't had any exciting plan. aje left me to N9 to his friend's hometown. he actually planned to join his family vacation at PD, but the PD is like far far away from the hometown so he cancelled.
quite mad, but couldn't scold him as i can't reach him.
so instead of yelling and whatsoever everytime i got to otp with him,
i used that moments for heart melting session. hahaha

okay lahhh, i think thts all for now.
au revoir :)

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