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Assalamualaikum & hello. Please be friendly. No harsh words !




recently, i feel like so blessed. Allah gifted me with achievement by achievement.
im so happy. Thank you Ya Allah.
'aku bersyukur ke atas segala nikmat mu Ya Allah'

u wanna know what is it? what im talking about??

oh first, of course about my Vice Chancellor Award ! :)that one is true blessed one !
as posted at here. :) so u know, i got the dean list for all semesters. 6 semesters to be exact
secondly, is i passed my trice jpj test -on the road's one-
i took it trice, so u know how stressed i was.


asal kau rotate blah laen pulak ni?
 Thanks to Tuan Ahmad Zofli b. Ab. Razak for being so NICEEEEEEEEEEE towards me.

i got 18 over 20 :) woots

here u go
so, after the test, i headed to Wisma Rampai near my neighbourhood. i wanted to renew my identification card.
last time, when i open the OCBC account, they can't trace and read my IC's chip. so the other day i have to bring the birth cert instead. HAHAHA funny right?

okay lah, thats all for now.
to top everything up, i just wanna say that i'm so thankful for being blessed :) ♥

*can't wait to own a car. hahaha well, idk why those pictures ended up 90 degree rotated. lol

au revoir, dadaaa

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