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a date with beloved mom and then, boyf

salam :)
this late morning, mama and i went to carrefour and wangsa walk.
mama was starving to eat laksa johor at laksa shack !
buttttttttttttttttttttttt, they closed it at carrefour. poor mama !
i called fafa, asked if it still running open at Alpha Angle, Wngsa Maju,
but she also claimed it was replaced by another idk what the food restaurant called. lol
so we thought maybe we can grab it at Wangsa Walk, but still we couldn't find it
pity mama, she really wants to eat laksa johor ! we don't know where to check in.
so instead, we just had our brunch at the food court. lol poor mama again, the laksa penang wasn't taste good :(
then mama grabbed some books at popular book store there. and we headed back. END.

later then, aje arrived home. tell u what?? i didn't bath yet the time i went to like told above.
hahahahahaha i quickly get ready and pray andddd all. rofl, i smelled good okay !
so i accompanied aje to have his lunch at Papa Chop (his fav restaurant)
i didn't eat much as i ate with mama already. so mushroom soup for me ♥
and aje had his grill mixed and lamb chop (maybe it was what its called kottt)
couldn't recall. lol
so enjoy the visual aids darls and dears :)

haha funny right?
this picture above taken using his phone front camera. just checking on lol. at Papa chop

taken right after he fetched me

beauty me or ugly me?

b, u conquer the frame ! sobsss

he looks funny right?

omg, i love this one

dear fatin, this is for u. lol

read below before assume !

so the entertainment we had for today was karoeke-ing !
my favvvvvvvvvv of all !
im the only oneeeeeee who sing. THE ONLY ONE !
anddd beby fatinahhh, i also sang yr fav song ! (i love u like a love song)
hahahha im so crazy back thennn aje was just watching. lol
after an hourrrrrr,

we then directly off to Wangsa walk. *checked in to the same place twice per one day???
lol aje installed garmin at his phone *i insisted himmmm !
and we just hanged out there had some fun together :)
nothing much exciting today. but for some reasons, i feel so happy today !
he bought the car holder and brand new earphone.
that was it.

i know thatttttttttttt, don't dare to say the word !

boyfriend pose was so funny. haha

omg, what he ate was so delicious okay !

okayyyyyy, i know i sound noob. let me tell this
while waiting for his phone to be ready, we took a walk
anddddddd he smelled something good.
so then we saw one stall named hot&roll !
aje wanted it so bad that he whimpered to me and like crying and whatsoever. lol
haha seriously i lied that line. so we grabbed the pizza beef's set one !
and i bought raspberry cheese cake at Secret Recipe. omggg, who can resist cheese cake !
i love cheezy ! anyone with me??? lol

this is the hot and roll's pizza beef ! try it guys !

omgggggg, i'm starving again NOW !

look how delicious it looks ! 
a bite of it, i couldn't tell ya how afraid i was if i finish it all. lol
i can't eat like real eat. bcz i really want to enjoy the feeling of every bites i took.
lol do i look like a commercial model for Secret Recipe? ahaha
on top of that, im in love with him <3 and the feeling gets stronger day by day.

oh don't complain my pale face.
aje dislike it when i make up.
so yeahh, i just go natural everytime with him. phftt no make up on, of course natural-lahhhh hahaha
oh wait, another one from my poyo's side !

hahaha laugh to me not !

au revoir, daaaaa

*today's theme (for me) was leopard print. hahahaha in love !

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