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The wheel blading and skating !

salam :)

having a date today was already planned like past two weeks.
(me and aje didn't really have the time to spend with like any other couples do)
i knew, aje of course didn't have any exciting plan earlier.
lol, so after like weeks seeing erawr's post full of the wheel at subang avenue,
was making me even more resentful to experience the feeling !
yes, never went to such place like skating disco theme thingy and all.
i used to play the roller blade and ice-skate long before.
my eldest sister was a fan of this kind of thing.
she said, there was such place at BB before.
idk why they closed it, cause u know if the place still exist at BB, im sure it will be crowded.
i really had no idea of the existance of the wheel at subang avenue at the first place.
erawr told me !

so me and aje signed up for members'. as advised by erawr. haha
at first aje said it will be just wasting. he didn't want to play, but i pushed him so.
but suddenly,
aje was like, yanggg, nant kta pg slalu taw. b nakkk'
i was likeee??? damnnn, b u nver like skating before.
everytime i insisted u to go for ice skating, u always refuse.
he does earlier, he was like keep refusing to play along.
but i forced him too. hahaha well, he broke his fist. u knowwwww, -.-'
so he was quite afraid if he fall and whatsoever.
yesss, he fell like how many times i can't recall.
i fell too, but nahhh its learning process.
well i adapt faster like always. lol
terbalik kannn? haha
erawr takut, but his boyf doesn't. i tk takut but my boyf does.

haha aje siap nk pg slalu siap ckp twice a month kta pg yea yangg. lol
yeay me ! so now bru u do agree with me kann b !

i was like glory gloryyyy ! lol aje didn't skate much (i said that).
he just waited and became like an observer.
yeahhh, he can't really enjoy it, since he broke his fist.
so i was the one who like so active. i did some sort of skills. lol -.-'
since i'm quite familiar with skating, so i adjust faster than do aje.
he failed ice skating lol.
did i mention that i went for ice skating like everyday when i was a kid.
i stayed at my aunt's place at klang. and her boys were ice sktating lover. so do i.
haha ♥ not telling u im an expert. but i can run and do the backwalk. lol *idk what its called.
of course i did feel quite scared and stiff, at first. but after a while, i managed to adjust myself.

thnks so much to erawr for telling me the existance of this place.
and for her guidance and all ♥
so she did ask me to snap pict, so i did !

enjoy visual aids bloggay !

yes, i wore the quad roller skate

tk nampak kannn

haha lantak lah buruk pun

haha boyf penakut !

poyo jeee

more bajet of him

me in inline skate *bajet graceful

lantak lah bruk punn

yeahh, he just observed while i'm rolling

i was showing off to aje. i actually stand on the front brake. haha envy me not boyfie

bajet lagiii

i wonder knp gmba ni jd cani?

as u can see, i shifted from quad roller skate to inline skate. lol
i did because its easier for me to do the backwalk rather than when wearing quad roller skate.
but i don't do the backwalk like so often. cause u know, IM NOT AN EXPERT.
i was just trying. lol i did the wavers for many times. well, thats the easiest tricks right? haha
i did try turn with the skates but not expert yet. not even close to beginners. lol
also i did brake with the skates. haha and the braking tricks will of course lead to circle trick.
and slalom trick too. hahaha so many tricks. like i'm really an advanced. haha
but seriously, i was just trying and slalom is the trick i think i'm good at. haha
and i did skate like mencangkung. haha it was a blast and fun and happy day !
thx b for just watching with less boring face pasted. hahaha (he lied down like twice on the stool) -.-'
aje was envy. hahaha
seriously don't assume me like bangga diri. haha im just telling lahh.
and i did tell u that i'm not even the beginner yet. it will take me a year to be the beginner.
it was just a day. 1 to 10 only ! lol

okay if u were to know where the exact location is, u may take public transport or own vehicle.
so its near to the ktm subang jaya station. u can walk to subang avenue that is next to carrefour subang.
just now was quite easy to find the direction. just follow the sign board. haha tk sangka tiba dh smpai kt sblh ktm ! haha so we just headed straight and parked near subang parade. so we walked.
it was raining heavily when we out. BASAH KUYUP lol ktorang !
then headed straight to my place. had dinner and au revoir bieeeeeeeeee ! :(

rm25 per entry for non member. rm20 per entry for members. previously, they had 2 packages.
for 2hours and per entry. but they had abolished the two hour package.
so u have no choice but to go for the per entry. u can skate the whole day(only while operating hours)

okay thats all.
au revoir, dadaaa

*aje ckp, 'ayg cntek lah bila maen ni' lol !


fatinah amir. said...

bestnya babe. i sgt penakut main bende2 mcm tu. mmg boleh team dgn aje. hahaha. tak pernah tau yang u hebat claps3x :D

fatinah amir. said...

bestnya babe. i sgt penakut main bende2 mcm tu. mmg boleh team dgn aje. hahaha. tak pernah tau yang u hebat claps3x :D

erawr said...

hehe awesome! :D i envy you! pandai skate ye. cis. haha i tk pndai2 lg. ;p nasib baik my hafiz pndai skate. :) hehe he's right, u look cantik in skates~ :D