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u made it !


so last two days was actually the celebration day for my belated birthday. it didn't left me with such awesome moments.
in fact, i have posted some pictures on previous entry. and also i mentioned u that me and aje fought.
so the day end up frustratingly !
indeedddd ! at the end of the day, me and aje walked separately and we kept silent. lol
so i was quite frustrated and he left me in disappointment, like literally ! phfttt

so yesterday, we were like having a repeat day. lol
did i mentioned u that i asked for break up after we fought?
lol then yesterday he flattered me to repeat the celebration day.
at first i was like a stoned-girl who has blocked her mind and heart. lol
but after he persuaded me and all, finally i agreed.

he bought me a ros and american choc cake :)
LOVEYOU b. and paid up my shopping session. heee
i asked lily to tag along, not to forget to mention.

he was like clueless and didn't know anything.
like a dumbass, lol
so he had to asked me what flavor and whatsoever.
i asked him to buy only small tiny cake, *no, i'm not a waster neither a big spender !
seriously, i am. well, i'm not filthy rich girl. hence, money is not for waste !
andddddddddddd, can u see the candles? lol he supposedly get 2 big and a small one.
he really doesn't know anything. phftttttttt
but i did thank him for the efforts. he never try any of these things to his exes before.
so, i'm the first one. what a blast ! lol

he arrived my house at almost 6 o'clock.
then i told him to fetch lily at her working place.
waiting for lily was like so boring. and the clock is nearing to Maghrib.
i decided to get back home to perform Maghrib there.
after finished, aje bought my favourite chicken wing as he was starving like dying.
bought chicken wing for me and lily while burger for him.
had no time to eat elsewhere since we were running out time.
then straightly parked to the park.
and celebrate it there.

presenting u !

close up !

closest up !

thanx boyfriend

heeee this is totally acting !

idk why, but for some reasons i think i look fugly

i don't mind if it wasn't a baskin' robbin's cake or secret recipe's lol
but what made me felt happy that, he at least give efforts.
he is really not a romantic guy who girl will die for.
but definitely, i'll stick with him as long as Allah blesses us !

we was like no-time-for-so-called-romantic-session as we were running out of time.
finished eating slices of cake, chick wing and all, we straightly rushed to Uptown, Shah Alam.
was a blast, thx hubby for paying all.
only after we finished shop, we stuff the tummies.
and that was it !
headed to my home.
and finally end of the day.

well, i thought earlier, it will not be such a blast moment.
but he instantly shifted to a romantic person who i never thought he will. :)

they are cute right?


oh not forget, aje promised to buy bb bold 3/4.
hopefully, he'll buy me bb bold 4. lol

pictures above are the bears and i don't know what its called from mama.
*lol boyfriend thought i'm still in primary sch, maybe?
but i'm so grateful and happy to realize that he did his best effort to entertain me and makes me happy.
its indiscribable. and maaaa, yr the best :) ♥
mama always be the number one, indeed !
although she dislikes stuff like dolls, bears and whatsoever, she did bought the green thing for me.
since i persuaded her so. lol i like it, because it has a 'biji-biji' inside it.
again, thousands of ♥ for u mummy !

thats all dear diary,
au revoir, dadaaa


fatinah amir. said...

comel je u dgn aje. aje pun layan je kan bergambar dgn u mcm tu. hehehehe comel lah korang.

erawr said...

alalala sweet lah. :)

fadh leyanie said...

whoa..u guys sweet,,semoga berbahagia selalu :)