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Sometimes i do, but the other time i don't


“To fall in love is awfully simple, but to fall out of love is simply awful.” - Bess Myerson

somehow i think...
the deepest bottom of my heart is broken and teared apart.
i lost my way in searching our love's path.
i lost my hope in finding my way reaching u.
i was thinking to whether or not, i move on...
i feel like having it enough to force myself believing that yr my destiny.
giving u time to change, leaving u a space to think further...
the time is running and nearly endd.
i wonder will u change for us or to continue do it yr own..
i hate to say, that my love for u is lacking an inch day by dayy.
i don't want to lose u.. i'm begging u to rebuild 'us'
but i know u wont...

i always hope that i can turn back the time when i'm about to say yes when u asked me.
cause i know, if i were to do that, i wont be like what i am right now.
i could've acted differently so the result would be different.
i could've say no so i don't need to take this hurtful journey.
so i won't hurt like i am now.
u hurt me cry a river,
but i'm clueless,
why when with in your presence,
i'm so delighted. why u transformed to the sweetest guy i've ever met???
why yr the one who i feel the happiest to be with?
urghhhhh its driving me crazy..

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fatinah amir. said...

baby dont be sad. dulu when i ade tempat u i mean even more worse place than u what did i do was pray. just pray everything gonna be alright. i know that u are such a strong girl. i love u babe