Notes for u:
Assalamualaikum & hello. Please be friendly. No harsh words !


smile pasted for happiness


let the pictures do the job.

woot wooot ♥

the in laws

mother in law

sister in law. i'm so fulgy

happy three

hahaha apa kes?

mcm pelik tak?

nana in the house

yes, finally 4 of us !

in the snow house ♥

see, im so happy that i smile wide !

i'm freezing, seriously !

again -.-' pouting mouth me

overseas nye dakuuuu

yg ni bukan cropped. lol

warhhh, aje had an extra hair. lol

look at my red nose !

kau bole tk jgn nk hensem sgt??

hahahahaha ROFL


lawak lah kau b

b, muka kau tkle noob lg?



the view :) AWESOME !

so got me? told u i'm gonna upload all these pictures like couple months ago right?
lol sory !

au revoir, dadaaa


fatinah amir. said...

Envy nya u dpt keluar dgn futurefamily in law. :((

budak penjara said...

bnyknya gmbr

Khairul Azrin Abdul Rahman said...

huhu.. g icty xngajak.. hahah xde la.. da try main laser war zone?? try la.. best gile.. klu nak try bg tau sy.. hampir tiap2 minggu sy g icty.. ngeh..ngeh..