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Real Steel


yesterday wasn't start like how i wanted actually. but it turned out to be so awesome !
Real Steel made my day ! i was so excited watching it ! i did scream, clap, cry, laugh nahhh whatsoever, the feeling jumble jumped for one to another. was a blown away performance !

catching Real Steel was unplanned yesterday,
we planned to watch it last 2 days but something urgent came up
so the day was spent as Hospital Klang. hahaha ended up tragically. no, don't get me wrong.
it was someone else who checked in there. lol
i take it light because it was only an act. haha

so yesterday aje didn't clock in.
i was so pissed off, but suddenly beyond my concsious, i asked him to catch Real Steel.
nahh, my mood swing. today i have my red flag. lol

we headed to TGV KLCC, there was an event like maybe Petronas's there.
but it didn't bother me. Real Steel stole my interest on that day.
seriously, i wasn't in mood yesterday. i keep yelling to aje, and not really entertain him.
i kept yell out my anger on him. thx b for being nice and understanding. haha

anddddd tell u what, when i was walking to the car park with aje,
i keep imitating the boxing action of Charlie & Atom and dancing scene of Max & Atom ! like seriously,
people was looking, qutiq !

so less story, more pictures please.............

Hello mr.driver aka mr.boyfriend

Hello miss ugly teeth

mind my oily skin, didn't wear any compacts neither baby powder

boyfriend was boring, stucked in hectic traffic

look, he really has nothing to do except interframe-ing

okay, he was focusing on driving for moments.

boyfriend seemed having it enough

oh nooooo, i thought he was but he wasn't !

can see? i tried to make it only me, but he............... duhh

okay now the car was moving for inches

he was mad, and giving me the punch hand

car was movinggggggggg !

and keepppp movingggggg

boyfriend neglect me now :(

now, i left unentertained

urghhhhhhhhh annoying !

okay those pictures were taken when we were trapped in the middle of hectic jammed ! lol so below were taken when we walked to the car parked near the KLCC's park. Actually these pictures should be on top. lol

hahaha i dislike the way i looked yesterday

boyfriend still kept his patient when i asked him to re-snap myself over and over !
so here u go, if only u still didn't watch the trailer,

or please go here, for more exciting and thrilling trailer

au revoir, dadaaaa


fatinah amir. said...

bby! y u tup gmbr u yang last2 tu! nak kene tumbuk dgn i?? hahaha beby lawak lah u & bf u jeles!!!!

fatinah amir. said...

bby! y u tup gmbr u yang last2 tu! nak kene tumbuk dgn i?? hahaha beby lawak lah u & bf u jeles!!!!