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so i picked 'random' to be titled for this time entry as this entry is like mixed entry.

october is full of blast for me. precisely, its my birthday month ! lol excited !
5th october is the day. can't wait what aje's surprise. heeee~

move on to another story,
when i told u at earlier paragraph that i was excited, i think with this story, i might pull down the big smile, downward :(
i have spoiled my lovely delly lappy. i carelessly let the rain falls over it !
urghhh, *tk sengaja okay
another bucks to spend ! aduhhhhh :'(

cut it off,
so i had my chance to bw at others who left their footprints. but what irritates me are those who asked me to follow their blog. simply left me with 'dh follow, please follow back'
face the truth, get yrself real ! people will follow yours if yours caught the eyes.
mhm i do followed back few of them. those who i think entertained me for some reasons.


i have finished the diploma like posted earlier.
and finally i'm home !
my plans are to finish my driving lesson and to work temporarily.
so friends, ada vacant job tk? please let me know !

okay, au revoir, dadaaa

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