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old times


actually, tknk update pasal nii, tp fatin forced me to.
for some reasons, i thought of keeping it offline. i meann, not to uproar it at social websites of mine.
so i actually had a good time spending the not-so-barbeque-party with my so longgg longggg time primary sch mates.
at first, i feel not really showing myself off to the reunion party, but yana insisted me.
well, she only asked me to as she didn't have any to tag along. phftt

yna's hubby fetched me up after i caught some paper plates and cups. he fetched me at almost 5 i think.
but he didn't tag himself to the party and left us then got to his grandma's place nearby.

i couldn't recall the names and all, so just please view visual aids below;

this was actually taken when i first arrived

only 5 of them who got early, did i said the earliest?

syafiq, the bonzer one? oh he was so caring !

okay, here u go, all of them finally arrived venue

yummmyyy, it tasted so good ! like the chicken barbeque, big clap to syafiq !

can u see my fugly  face?

fatin, she is yna. introducing her

missyou long time best friend

i looked so ugly right???

all of us, except abe and naim. they back early :(

when we were already ready to go back :( farewell friends

supposedly, this picture should be in the middle. not arranged accordingly. -.-'
idk what more to say lahh fatinnnn. hohohoo okay, i know. i LOVE you fatin :) ♥

oh forgot to mention the venue. it was at Sg kemensah blkg zoo negara, beby. its a waterfall. but i didn't go swim, of course. only the boys did.

au revoir, dadaaa


fatinah amir. said...

baby! u are pretty okay! dont say something like that. u are never ugly! and i love u too! im touched by reading this post!

hamzah ian said...

Lama tak men bakar2 meh