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what am i reading todayyy?? yahoooooooooooooooooo the title written above is as obvious as yr eyes can see.
so today i had a date with mama.
wellllllll, i'm a mama's daughter (of course i am)

so the mall located at Danau Kota area.
this mall has just opened recently. so few tenants are still not open. only few;
so it has the cinema and karoeke. which will definitely attract people to get there ! (but didn't open yet)

these are the photos for the day;
dh lma tk snap picture kt cermin bilik mcm noob

can see my hot lips? was silky girl's

eating time !

mama ♥

while waiting for lunch (mcm dh ada eh gmba ni?)

seriously lupa nk tgkp msa before

mango yogurt day :)

mama didn't eat modern food. :(
ma, tk ready lagi lahh !
so me and mama were just chilling around. and i grabbed a pair of pump shoes.
yeahh, that was it ! ♥ tomorrow going out with love. but kinda boring.
don't know where to go. mhmmm
till then, au revoir, dadaaa

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fatinah amir. said...

Oh my God, i sukanya u pakai tudung camtu. lawa sgt babe. btw babe, send my regard to your mama okay :)