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hello bloggay.
so i was damnnnn exciting as tomorrow i'll be leaving to SI(Sri Iskandar). yeahhh i am.
29th Sept is the sacred date. that will determine between success and failure.
phftt quite afraid, worried and so forth. i can smell the nervous blood flows in and out, down and up inside me.
lol, so today i was preparing my que card. i had settled with my presentation slides.
but u know, i haven't done my last touch to it. no visual aids and so forth.
i was thinking what is the best way to present my slides, i mean something that will differentiate the finale presentation and others that presented before. phfttt *sigh
i hope to catch my En. Azmi's eyes. the advisor.
well, i'll have a drink a day before the presentation day. i have booked him lol.
he even will buy me a drink ! lol thx encik !

frankly speaking, my mind is numb, and i really need something refreshing.

before i glued on the green papers

yeah, the number one
so do u have any ideas? nahhh, i don't have the light bulb's symbol over the head yet.


no it didn't pop out yet. phfttt my slides are boring and lame.
phftttt do u have any ideas guys?
tomorrow don't hai me if see me at puduraya sentral. lol can't wait !
its the first time ever the big renovation ! -.-'
all the begs packing will be done today. hope to see aje a day before i depart to SI. mhmmm
but nahhh, he refused unfortunately :( he needs rest and so forth.
if the guys ask him, he'll definitely nodded right away ! lol, go married them lahh !

oh anddd, not to forget to mention that i have switched to my official contact number already :)
yeah, had to wait, previously i used a temporary number.
so sweet, me and aje bought a couple number to be exact !

mhm, no ideas what to write. catch later !

au revoir, dadaaa

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