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its never be late

salam :)

woot woot, so how your raya? mine was doing perfectly fine. yeahhh, i was visiting homes and eat and eat. haha
this time raya was quite exciting i can say. i had the chance to celebrate the eid with both families and friends.
what even more meaningful is that, i have the whole week break for raya. yeahh after 2 years celebrate eid with ALA KADAR only. u know, haven't much time compared to 2 years back time, when i have to divide the eid week with the exam upcoming. phfttt so much stressful back then, aite?

so here is my baju raya for 1st day eid. and aje's also;

actual intention was to show off our same red baju raya :) haha
but taken separately, aje was at his hometown while i was at the house of mine of course.
i didn't go back to any hometown as i don't have any for real. lol
so just visiting the relatives near KL and whatsoever.
i had fun during my eid celebrating with friends too.

so let me upload other visual aids for viewing;

with mummy

kakak sedara

abg sedara punye anak :)
only uploaded fav one, the rest u can find it at my fb.
the only tiny lil bad thing was, i didn't fit my 2nd baju raya as it was XS in size.
so i didn't dress myself with it since i look like cartoon;small body and big head.
*if u get what i mean
as for third day raya, i wore my old baju raya. fit me perfectly. :)

other raya visual aids;

onthway to friends' open houses

again too

last open house of a friend with eg

me with LOVE !

sambal udang petai i cooked for aje on 2nd day eid :)

caught HANTU BONCENG after love raya-ed my house

hearbeat ♥

while waiting for love to raya my house

he finally arrived after hours waiting him back from hometown
thx b for your energy sacrificing to come raya my house after hours journey from hometown :)
okay lahh, idk what else to write.


<3 <3
au revoir, dadaaa

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