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its already over

its finally over and over.

#get too excited that i forgot to greet u. errrr


*capital letter with a full complete sentence as a token of forgiveness

okay lets go on to the highlighted main points !

eh wait, someone has her voice !

kau eksaited apa qutiq?

mna bole bgtaw ! rhsia lahhh ! sebok pencebok !

eh eh kau ni, poyos gila nk berahsia dgn aku?

eh sukati lah, kau kesah apa?

ckup lah qutiq dgn monolog tk berpekdah kau niii.

lol, tknk dgar pg berammmm !

amboi, halau aku nmpk?

eh takk, aku sayangg kauu.

errrr, kau gila ke apa ni?

mstlah aku sayangg kau ! kan kn aku. aku kn kau?

aku peningg dahhh.

phftt aku pun, errr stop it !

k foineee, baiiii.

okay cut it off !

what i extremely excited about is thattt, i have finally finished my internship, practicum, practical training, industrial training or whatsoever u call it !

so being as intern before was quite tough for me as i had to go through some challenging obstacles.
emotionally was attacked. physically exhausted. as an intern student, we don't have much choice but to keep going on.
compared to the staffs there, they are free to chow cin chowww just like that.
*err i mean they are not quitting themselves but ran instead.
due to the unstable management there.
so the intern student had to struggle alone.
not to forget to mention that we are fresh !
so u know what i mean right?
what even more worse is that, the upper management seemed okay with that
and even like grateful to have us as a replacement for the ex staffs that ran away.
we have to work overtime *not so overtime as we are more like had to volunteer ourselves since there are
loads of tasks given. we don't get paid overtime, to be precise.
that was fine, but u know what is matter most?
that i was mentally abused. phfttt
sounds scary enough huh?
thats why i had the intention to propose for internship agreement.
it is likely to be like intern students' rights.
where there is on paper-agreement to back up the intern student.

well this post supposedly to be a written excitement feeling expression *sigh
but i just couldn't split the feeling. u know, between relieved and dissatisfaction.

but nonetheless, i still have sweet moments there. being with kak azi, kak najwa and many more.
they have been such a good people to chill around.
still remember every morning before 8 am ticking on the clock,
we have the time to gossip with each other.
talking about our fierce yet warm Mr. Chan.
yes, shockingly he was a warm person.
he sometimes greeted me.
still remember the time when he greet me 'Selamat Hari Raya' and asked me where i celebrate the eid.
and he even shared his holiday story with me. told me that he also back to his hometown.
asked me why i don't go for a vacation since i celebrated it in KL instead of hometown.
and many more. tell u what? that was the only time i feel a bit relaxed standing next to him.
*that was inside the elevator, okay !

also i had a good time when he also praised me !

'i give u this task because i see yr talent. yr fast learner, and have the ability to do this call. its okay if u cannot go on, as we know yr still tk bg orglaen buat bnyk laen kja sbb mereka tk bole buat. tp saya tgk awak bole buat. awak cepat belajar and blalalalala u tgk itu l#$%, dia bodoh punye org, sy pun tktaw knp bnyk kali buat tp smua slah saja...and blalalala' 

yeah, he practiced double language too !
at least i felt appreciated with my hardwork as being recognized by the Chief Executive Officer himself !
to be greedy myself, i managed to settle the task for the month a couple weeks before the month ends !
that was such a blessed. lol, *angkut bakul sndr lah pulekkk.

but what i learned a lot is that, never rely too much on ppl who we think is kind.
when they can back-stabbed us. so u know what i mean?
and i also learned that i need to carefully learn the organization i wished to join in so that the organization won't be harmful towards myself.

*i was the intern student of its subsidiary companies (2 of them)

and hello presentation days !

i'm unofficially had finished my diploma study !
this is the most exciting thing to uproar !

hold on !!!!!!!
i have pictures for visual aids !
the authority tag !

the workspace area shown !

okay, i crappy-ed much here already.
au revoir, dadaa

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