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moving forward


the title might sound serious, but nahhh, nothing is serious at the moment. i mean, AT THE MOMENT !

i just wanna shout out that i've just swap my templates like 95% so u know theres nothing to be exciting about right?
u also sure aware of the doodles thingy on the header and the follow + dash links right?
yes, the idea came across while dropping by my prints on Zuzu's blog.
thx to zuzu for inspiring me. i should write an appreciation letter to her right? lol
she was like talking about the doodling, like how she adores it and all.
so i kinda like attracted to it. i'm not a good doodler, but yes i tried.
and the result was awful. since im never be a good painter and never attend to some sort of classes; drawing classes.
hope u mind my ugly doodles. no offence.
errrr, though i have a good talent on coloring. hahaha so child me !

so to update about the internship program;
it will be weeks more before i finally end it.
can't wait for the day to come.
instead of ending the internship period on 2nd sept, i choose to end it earlier like a week.
yeah, 2nd sept falls on Eid day right, so i'm sure won't let myself to clock in alone.
everyone will be on leave. so do i lahhh.
i have the options to replace it or not, so i choose the NOT, of course.
next monday will be the last monday at Bcorp.
i'll revert back to the old Basis (RMS) which means again, i need to re-adapt myself.
i found it tough for me, since there was an issue brought up last time.
luckily its only gonna be a week there until i finish my intern period.
i don't know how to face up the environment there, including the people of course.
i feel so ashame, i might just silent myself then.. phfttt

to summarize,
tomorrow is going to be an excitement day !
will be break fasting with boyfriend. i know yr going to puke, but don't get jealous lahh.
haven't u heard this saying, 'haters make me famous', so can't u relate haters to jealousy? lol
i was actually dragging aje so as i missed him so much already, haven't meet him this whole month yet. phfttt
but its only going to be a short dating day as he needs to rush home for solat and so do i.
i'll be posting the updates later okay?

im thinking of grabbing some stuffs to be stuffed inside the wardrobe but the inflow cash wasn't enough.
im so broke, can anyone sponsor me? haha hey, in this Ramadhan month right? so whats the big deal lahhh?

overexcited-smile-taking-picture-with-mother-in-law picture
i told u guys to update about the last weekend i had with mother-in-law, sister-in-law and the boyfriend right?
but sister-in-law still didn't upload pictures, have to wait.
but i'm sure u can puzzle the update from the background right?

till then,
au revoir, dadaaa

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