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how it goes?


so everyone,
it has been 2 days right? so how were yr days? as for me, i'm so doing good. yesterday i had break fasting with
almost the whole family. it wasn't a perfect family gathering as my bro's and his family couldn't make it, but it still left me with memories.

and i don't feel too tired, neither energetic. in between i guess. i also don't find my self sick yet.
u know, on previous fasting months, when i fast i'll easily get gastric. but thing is still under control.
as i never skip sahur just yet. hehe

and what makes me even happier is that aje has started perform solat, i mean he didn't skip a waktu yet.

because it is fasting month at the moment, i got to clock out half an hour earlier than usual.
but minus break time for half an hour, in return.
but today evening before we clocked out, we've requested to Mr.Chan (the director) to let us back earlier. at 5pm instead. but in condition; that we cannot take half an hour break. means that we will working non stop from 8.30 until 5.00pm. its okay though. it didn't trouble me. i'm okay with that and happy instead.

as for myself, i still didn't start fasting like officially. yes, i'm having a period cycle week.
but i do not eat neither drink okay. u know, its a shame for me then if i gulp a drink at work area.
haha people will instantly got me wrong. u know what i mean right?
i only let myself relieving the thirsty thingy when arrived home. i take i two or three gulps :p yes, i did.

msa tggu kniza amek i alek td :)

errr, again?

another three?? phfttt


and as for this fasting month, u know sins will be doubled and so do the other round right?
so lets shift yr DP's FB profile into a bit muslimah. so it will lessen the sins, to the both of us okay !
and, don't talk about others, people who mis heard u also will have to take the sins too.
and loads more. lets do favors to each other. :) this is a responsibility to muslims right?
may Allah bless us. and may Allah accept our deeds. woot woo

i may get myself rest now, feel sleepy already. au revoir, dadaaa

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