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before it


so as mentioned yesterday, i'll be going out to break fasting with aje right?
im about to leave, aje is on his way.
so these are photos by my delly lappy cam,
hoho camwhoring a bit;

do i look just fine or great?
hahaha we will first go to Masjid Jamek for baju raya (melayu) hunting.
yeahh, riding the LRT. otherwise, we will be breaking the fast on the road. haha
oh well, ignore the tali gantung.
we are not suiciding, or killing people.
that one is for my anak buah buaian. haha
and yes, i don't put any make up on.
very lazy these days. only will when i got the period cycle.
to wash out the make up on face is the routine that im lazy to do. lol
so thats all, au revoir dadaaa
*wait for the updates yeahhh.

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