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as promised


so as promised yesterday, i'll post out about the date right?

we haven't had much time, as we rushed from a place to a place.
phewww not much time to say those sweet words, haha
so as he arrived to fetch me up, he dropped the car at the Sec1 as we went to M.Jamek by train.
rushed for baju melayu hunting, and got one finally.
but the color wasn't really match to my kaftan.
mhm its okay lahhh, since time ran very fast. so just grabbed je lahh. HAVE TO.
it was like almost 6 when we arrived wangsa maju.
before we paused to perform asar at surau LRT sec1.

not to forget to mention u lahh that i left my phone accidentally in his car.
phfttt that time u know how it feels lah kannn.
pray that no one would broke in seeing my phone on the seat. phftt kann?

then we headed to Bazar Ramadhan rejang,
well, i bumped into my ex scandal. and aje knew about that. chill lahh brother.
haha passed the ikan bakar and popia basah to mama before we rushed to Danau Kota.
finally arrived to unplanned destination.
i couldn't recall the restaurant name, though.

so here are pictures,
*sorry actually forgot to do so hence pictures taken after finished melantak;

boyfriend punye muka mcm, *weh aku justin bieber, jgn tgkp gmba aku lahh

muka wa pulak tgah menahan kekenyangan teramat.
the menu;

  1. ikan pari bakar from Bazar rejang
  2. nasi putih
  3. seafood tomyam
  4. kailan ikan masin
au revoir, dadaaa

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