Notes for u:
Assalamualaikum & hello. Please be friendly. No harsh words !


tomorrow in an off day. what can i say more?

not intended to be at any side.
i'm a normal teenage though.
yes i know i'm living in a country;
and that yes, i registered to vote for any side to govern this lovely peaceful country;
yet until tomorrow as ppl already aware of PERHIMPUNAN BERSIH.
i know this is huge topic to be discussed.
and yes, i'm natural.

1st, to comment on the opposite side.
if this is so gonna be BERSIH. then please keep your words.
as i'm so pity to all indonesian, nepals and so forth for the overtime working and overload trashes;
don't u just get it?
who'll keep the roads tidy then?
simply fussing things up. phfttt kannn?

last but never be least, to comment on the government side.
why so afraid huh?
is there anything to hide??

okay enough, won't talk more.
i'm sure don't want to locked myself up cause of my stupidity. lol

to skip, lets start talking about my workplace.
*err, i know i've been talking about it like trillion times.
but it never bores me, frankly speaking.
since i have the most kind buddy there :)
she is so gorgeous herself.
she always keeps on praising me with my hijabi styly. lol
it never cross my mind for anything but to impress my only self. get me?
so everyday, she keeps on telling me 'cantik lah tika'
and as matter fact that she was calling me qutiq. haha
and she is the only person to know about someone who's been liking me;
that then brave enough to ask for my number through her.
her here refers to kak azi lahh. of course !
my gorgeous ever. heee
to have a good companion at whatever place u are, is a good thing. in fact, awesome :)
yeahhh, it would be a boring day without her.
at this time, she's devil. haha

now she's angel :) like you

u can tell me right?
thats for sure.

okay lahh, thats all. nothing more to tell
au revoir, daaa

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