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this post is likely going to be so emotional. yeah u know, friendship always involves emotions right?
where the hell in the world someone would ignore a friendship that was built for years?

"My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me." 

i've always adored this simple sentence as it agrees with what my heart says.

so u know what i'm about to write right? guess me, or die. i mean it, JUST DIE if u can't value a friendship !

i'm very particular when it comes to friendship, but u know; there were times when friends stop break from talking to each other, especially when everyone has their lines and path to be taken.

they are like building a wall that hard to be penetrated unless the ego that had been living for quite some time inside there was gone. but till that time comes, u know it will never be easy to just hye to each other without feeling like oh-this-is-so-awkward !

i'm a stalker of my long time bff. of course i am ! do u really forget yr sch bff???? do u really ignore them??
'THEM' who used to be your unofficial counselor when yr heart was torn?

feeling of inequality would be best to describe when u are alone without a good buddy to chill around..
of course it is right? its the very sweet and salt of life to have friends who come and go, but u know,
one who stays in your heart, even though how apart u are at the moment, will never be apart in the heart.
as u had already leave some space there for them, the names of friends that live in the heart probably be too many to be carried, but your heart will still has the vitality to bring them along as your body moves.

u may find new ones, but u know the olds always be the best.

my intention for this time blogging was to tell the whole world that my girl is having her birthday girl moment.

haha, but i know the introduction  was quite long, that will lessen your interest right?

my girlfriend was having her great time cheering for HARIMAU MALAYSIA, i guess.

heeee i love you nurul izzaty binti kasmun. i didn't have our pictures since i keep them at my old lappy, i have lack of energy to on both lappy. hoho, so my dear zt,

BE A GOOD YOUNG LADYYYYY ! and jgn lupa jemput qutiq msa kwen nant taw ! u'd better thank me for my lame post, as for your info, right now i was having a headache and eyes ache ! haha love you lah zt, i sacrifice my pain for u, u know???? did u know??? u'd better buy me lunch !

this might be too little to prized as your birthday gift. but for sure, this post comes from my heart. i love you always. and i do miss our THREE GIRLS FRIENDSHIP ! remember all the bajetttt PRINCESS GORGEOUS thingy? that lasts in my heart forever, i would never forget, CINTA KASIH SAYANG. did u know how i cherish US alottttt? the me, you and yna????

i love you both, can't wait until we sit and gossip about so many things, laughing mine and yna's ass off about your silly attitude ! hahahahaha me and yna always had fun when look at your so kabutttt thingyy. and u know what, u look cute when u kabuttt ! don't believe me? ask yna, herself lahhhh.

and yna, i know u are so gonna agree with me ! MUKA ZT LAWAK SELEBET KAN KT DP BRU DIA NI? hahahaha

thats all lahh, i don't wanna go any further, i'll be crying like hell otherwise :'(
when i reminiscing about us, like for real, i'm going to tears up like hell, urghhhh missing US, is too sorry for me.. i regret that we have loosen our friendship knot...


au revoir, dadadaaa

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tq u too> hehe