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i'm going to be a mama, boyfie will be the papa as partner :p


so when i first really step my feet out from campus life *like not so official - i mean practical.
i thought it would be great when in sudden it turned out to be a lil nightmare, i guess.
i thought there would be tons of amazing experiences to be picked up. but u know, it literally turned upside down.
i feel so JOB BURNOUT. - im really not in the mood of giving u a brief sentence about what it means

i've tried harder, and yes i did extra hours so that i'll be rated at least 3 out of 5. so u know how tiring it was?

another-unfortunate-yes-again, between sitting on my average daily working sit and relaxing my nerves at home, i preferred the second options today. i've applied an unpaid leave today. despite the fact that i was having a premenstrual syndrome today - another fact that strengthen my tension.

if one could give me an option whether to hold on or to revert back, i would go for second options again.
or maybe i can re-determine my practicum places option.

so my tense was even more greater when i was promoted assigned to be a researcher. a whole total different from my career spec ! like duhhh?? -.-'

nahhh, i have to be careful this time. CUT ALL THIS SHITS OFF. someone maybe is spying.

so u did aware of my new header right? and a slight diff of layout, if u know what i mean.
oh, i really don't have the nerve to continue writing. mhmm...

this saturday i will be going out with the boyfriend seeking for fun, of course :)
we'll have a definite different kind of outing type, like never did before i guess. wait for my update okay??

i knew i did promise u that i'll update about the afro hair of aje's thingy and the snow coats right? sory for late updating, i still haven't receive pictures from sister-in-law. soon as she uploaded those pictures to her fb account, i will update u all about it ! long wait enough huh? be patient then :p

im sory but this time post, no such visual aids to show off. so not fun right? phewwww

but u wanna know what fun is? me and aje were planning to adopt a sugar glider, soon next year :p when everything is in a good state. can't wait to own one. yes, one and only. aje had the name.
i let him to named it this time. and aje also is the one who will baby-sit it. *didn't know what sexes it wil be.
i'm so overexcited for sure. we did a price survey last time. woot woot :) oh cutey, come to mamaaaaa !

i did hold one, and it didn't bite *good thing right. so i can't wait to hold it tight again, can't wait to play with it, can't wait to hug it and even can't wait to walk it and bla bla bla *the can't wait list goes on ! haha
this is like the first time aje agreed to do like this sweet couple thingy.
before, i was like bringing up things to conversations, 'b, jowm kta bl hamster?', 'bubuuu, jowm kta bela ikan?'
and all, but this is like the first time he brought into the conversation about this sugar glider.
happened when we was like walking down the sidewalk, and suddenly he pointed to one petshop and was like,

'yayanggg, ni kn sugar glider yg ayg nk bl dgn b tu kann?' 
and i was like 'huh-aah',
then he asked about it, and came up like this,
'nant tahun dpan kta bl nk yangg?'

i was like quarter not so half jumping. haha and a definite nodded as a yes sign to reply him then. :)
how excited and romantic kannnn? haha gedix !
when we go for outing, we will bring it like this, putting it in a special bag *idk what it was called.

how cute u are, baby !!
*i thought this post will be visual aid-free :)
okay, thats all beby.
au revoir, dadaaaa

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