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a happy green


mind my over-miss-you-bloggay attitude for blogging twice today. haha

so what did i do exactly on last sat? no, im not going to reveal u what was going on that late evening *of course the afro thingy lahh.
i'm just going to post u about the restaurant that me and aje went during the earlier late evening. :p

muka aku mcm suci gila kann?

dh mula dh mulut lamaa

kerusi dia match dgn beg aku !

selebet GILA ! haha


this was my dessert :p

mine, but i gave to aje then.

jgn mencarut, aku taw buruk what the #$^&???

errr? pnjam kete jappp b
okay done. yg mlm tu, nant wa kasi update okayy. dh type kt draft dahh, tp tggu nana upload gmba kt kamera okey??

au revoir, dadaa

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