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[8.45am, 11/7/11]

so our country had just experienced this BERSIH thingy. so let me express my respond upon bersih.
today morning, when i bought my breakfast at nasi lemak stall,
i happened to got into the conversation between makcik ns lemak and her son.
actaully i overheard her saying thing relating this bersih lahh kn.
then i was like interrupting them, responded like 'yea ke?'
so the reason why i had responded like that was because.

that makcik told her son that someone who she knew died because of that perhimpunan bersih.

so people please lets JUDGE !

these whole thing pissed me really off ! phfttt kan?

so the 'orang kuat' had paid the unguilty people to come for the perhimpunan worth 200 ringgit malaysia.
now how you ppl are going to pay the death?
tell me how.
the word worth is not even close with this berSHIT thing lahh !
WHAT A SHAME ! people from all over the world is watching us.
please oldies, make youngster like me respect u.
i want to give my future kids a better life.
where then the  youngsters like me are going to live in if not Malaysia itself?
i'm not in any side like i told earlier.
i'm so very neutral.
but then, even a youngster like me can think proper better than oldies.
what the #^@% are you guys thinking huh?
to ruin all the peacefullnes, so then our future will be as dark as your brain ke?

we have 3 major races. who live in peaceful before.
are thinking of shifting Malaysia to Transformer movie?
hey come on lahh, that happens only in cinema.

frankly speaking,
i have both chinese and indian family who live near to me.
we can say hye and smile to each other.
we are so happy enough.
i have friends from both races.
i still remember of myself ran into my indian childhoods friend's house when i sulked with my mom.
i still remember playing inside my chinese neighbour's house.
don't u think that are what we call PEACE.
u still had no brain to think huh?
maybe because u have had enough with the peace, that make u then ruining it right?
if so, just kill yourself and don't disturb us !
take yourself to mars, and fight with whatever alive there.

everyone was affected by bershit.
lrt, monorail and so forth were'nt function at that day.
so please pay for it. can??

sudah lah menyusahkan org. pastu nk kna bg layanan ah sedap, bg mkn apa bgai.
kerajaan dh ckup bertolenrasi dah. BUKA LAH MATA !
kalau negara laen, tkd makna nk layan kau camtu.
bayar blek tenaga polis polis, peniaga peniaga masyarakat sekeliling, kematian siapa siapa,
duet rkyat dh rugi bg kau mkn dan mcmcm lg !

go to &^#$ with you street's demonstration.

au revoir, dadaaa

mula mula aku pkai cenggini,

lpastu, aku dh pnah, aku pkai pesyen tudung cani (after kenduri)

degupjantungDAKU <3

ele kau posing lebehhhh

ha, ni bru ayu :) bwekx

latest picture of me and aje :)

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