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bizarre, it really is !


so yesterday after clock out off from my half day saturday working,
i straight went to s.alam by KTM. i persuaded or pushing(better word) him to meet up.
*oh the main intention was for transformer u know !
in spite of knowing that he was working full day ot yesterday,
i pushed him to meet up.
i kinda sulking and whatsoever.
so he then agreed. haha he had to actually supervise his subordinates.
i had pushed him to leave his subordinates alone. so he taught them all the directions before leaving; and me, was praying that nothing bad would happen then in the workplace. haha u know, the blame is his if that happen.
phfttt, i'm a bad girlfriend.
actually, i don't tell him yet that the main purpose is to watch the transformer.
i told him that i missed him bad much. hahaha
he then asked me, what to fill in our date. so i tell him, 'jowm tgk transformer'
haha blame me not. who can resist transformer??

i know u all knew (if y'all are a real follower of mine)
that we had agreed earlier to watch Tformer together yesterday.
but then i cancelled it as i thought of watching it next week;
i know the cinema will be as full as hell.
but then yesterday morning, i switched my mind in sudden.
i want to catch Tformer TODAY !!!! *i mean yesterday !

so i watched the 3d version at Bkt Raja, Klang.
i knew all cinemas in KL were not available. DON'T TELL ME !
i was in the 2 front rows. haha imagine that? my head was aching like hell, my eyes were tiring !
but nahhh, that tiring and aching thingy?? weren't a big deal for me.

anddd, i was being a bad girlfriend again;
happened when aje asked me to accompany him to the washroom.
he needed to pee, but i told him to settle it himself alone. haha lol
i was like 'ala b niii, dh kemuncak bru nk ajak. td tknk kencing ! b dh tk tahan sgt ke? japg lahh ayg teman k'
i was like trying to look like i care but actually i really don't.
my mind was all focus on the big screen.
haha please don't label.
so here are the pictures i snapped yesterday.
hadn't snap any sweet pictures this time. we both forgot ! phfttt

look what i wore ! brand new shoes, grabbed at TS's store. *did i forgot to mention that my legs were aching too?

TER on flash ! phftt looked uglier that u thought kn?

in the office,  BEFORE I MET HIM LAHH

while when i was in the KTM. idk wtf am i doing??

finally the picture of us arrived :)

as always, he bangga diri again, 'b ensem kn botak?' my face reaction then; boyfie, can i kill u?

see, we have the same mouthing habit !
5.40 until 8.40pm. quite long right? i mean so longgg !
i fastened up my stepping. i was home quite late. i mean, before was late too, after meeting up with boyfriend,
i would hang out with girlfriend,
but this time was different, cause i was late as with him all day long. haha u got me?
he was tired, me either.
arrived home, he ate and straightly greet me night. phfttt

and so do i, i'm greeting u;
au revoir, dadaaa

*pissed off?

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cweety kadbury said...

so sweeettttt...(^-^)