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Assalamuailaikum warahmatullah hiwabarakatuh

so muslims, its the fasting month tomorrow.
but i couldn't make it, maybe 2 days more. :)

oh, all satans are going to be sad for the whole month. but our self-lust will replace the satan's job and divert our good deeds. so be prepared, sometimes it will become even more evil than do satan.

just now, aje went down to surau. im so happy that he is probably now performing the Terawih.

soon, it will be Eid Syawal day :p can't wait, i've prepared 2 baju raya for this time. haha lol
how can i talk about Raya when we even didn't start fasting yet?

i'm so going to make loads of deeds. i'm so happy that tomorrow is Ramadhan, tonight i'm going to eat like many many manyyyyyyy ! as long as my tummy can afford all the foods lahh. haha

but what sadden me is that, i'm so going to loose inches of my SO-ALREADY-SKINNY-BODY ! i'm a skeleton by Eid morning, trust m ! haha hence then, to avoid that from happening; i'll be stuffing a lot of foods when break fasting. hahaha

okay lahh, i talk craps only.

lets photo-ing;

niece and mama

me and Nur Alya Aqilah to be precise :p

i forgot what we looked at? haha but me and her look funny aite?

can u see those pictures???

maybe weekdays, i'll ask mama and abah to perform terawih with me. and for weekend,
i could tag myself along to surau with mama then. can't wait !
pictures were taken when right after done performing mahgrib in jemaah :)
did u see how cute my niece was?

au revoir, dadaaa

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