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blazing day

salam, :)

so i bet now things has back to normal back. woot woot, how i feel so happy about this
aje is settling down with his prob and i hope everyhing with him will be just finee.
and momo, now she's back to opah's house. how relieve i feel now. yeahhh
i really hope she can survive, i know she can deal with it.
she has been facing a lootttttt, i mean LOADS !
and now, she doing good. i'm pretty sure she'll change her life for good.
she'd better be good ! or else, i'll kill her. haha

few days back, everything was messed up.
aje was locked up for almost a week.
he is not guilty and was found not guilty, so why put him in, huh???
innocent, literally !
world should be a better place to live in right??

cut it off~

i have a crisis at work actually,
my intern should be 30th May to 2nd Sept. but Mr. Chan tensed on us to extend it to 30th Sept.
how could that be possible huh?
report to finish, presentation to prepare. phfttt pls consider us okay.
(i was writing at my office)

in here, i'm getting to know the real world of work atmostphere.
i'm exposed to the work world which is i think very challenging.
i'm getting to know on how to get tasks done.
i'm getting to know on how to deal with urgent tasks.
even it has been a bit stressful, but nahhh this is how we learn right?
in fact, i like it to be challeging.
i need to dare and challenge myself, to adapt with beyond my comfortable zone.
i won't improve, unless i force myself to.
i won't improve, unless i expose myself how the real world works.
unfortunately, i don't deny it;
that i feel a bit boring. haha lol, key in datas, update reports and so on. all the admin work bores me. phfttt
but nahh, where the hell in this world i can do anything without considering the rules?
nah, nothing in this world is easy to get right?
i love her so muchhh !

fafa sayangg gave me this :) nice one

i can't online at office. so i drafted my writing to pendrive and post it to blog at home -.-'
okayy, au revoir, dadaaa

*molisha is recovering herself. hope everything will be just fine... mhm

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