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Assalamualaikum & hello. Please be friendly. No harsh words !


to have a wonderful day is to have a wonderful girl with u ♥


I'm in my office right now. currently updating report, but nahhh in no mood right now. i wonder why.
i received a long text msg from momo at 2am something.
phfttt phftttt maybe that was the reason why i feel this way at the moment.
she felt bad last night and so do i.
but i think, she was feeling terrible than me. y'know.
something got to do with LOVE, again.
nahhhh, i hate love either.
i mean, love towards boyfiee lahh.
love is wonderful to be honest. but y'know, boyfie make it worse. haha lol

yesterday me and momo were out having fun, lol
(eh jap, i just received another text msg from her after so many LMCB. (left text msg to call back))
*but in this case, i just LM only.
so she said 'kaka, ak otw balek'
she really leave me with a big smile on the face y'know :) :) :)
i'm so happy that at last she is able to make her sense back on place and believe in herself.

oh back to story, we had fun yesterday.
and since i'm already ran out money, (i know, early for that)
i didn't buy her belated birthday gift for her.
i paid for the movie and had bought her baskin robbin's ice cream only.
what a sis huh? sory beby, :(

actually, i have nothing but a lame post right?
so why read then? haha lol,

au revoir, dadaa.

*enjoy the visual aids ♥

qutiq bajett chunn

comel nyee budak berdua ni :) woot woot

alololo, beby sayangg kaka yea?

nk wat cane, ktorang memang comel lotehh. bhahah

aku bajet chunn, dia bajet comelll. sesuai gitewww

delifrance time

beby; candid


muka bajet suci

masa ni tgah tggu solat maghrib kt surau SW.


Fyqa said...

sweet ;)

eedaRAWR said...

u sesuai pkai mcm ni sbb u nmpk muda dan comel ;D