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never imagine this


so when i titled this post as 'never imagine this';
how is your prediction?
yes, its unpredictable as it agrees to never imagine this.
haha don't get confused ! too early for that.
i'm not yet even go half through this entry.

so i was quite sick these few days.
get a clue?
i was trapped in 'hectic days' moment, lol
besides the fact that i'm too lazy to blog. FEVER okay ! reasons were accepted, aite?

aje; my two years boyfriend also couldn't get himself off of his hectic days too.
so we were like kinda buzz ourselves only at night. a half an hour moments to spend with. TREASURE THAT !
this weekend is going to be; me treating tickets for transformer,
despite the fact that i was having the so called 'slow-cash-inflow'
yes, i'll catch transformer with him.
i'm going down to S.Alam. MY TURN !
instead of asking him for coming here, i gave in to him as he had came down here for many times in week ends back then.
i didn't come to see mother in law like years. sorry mother !
haha lol
can't wait for transformer. the bigger movie ever after FAST 5, SO FAR !
we'll see who win after this sat okay?
eh no lahhh, transformer had always been my top number one !

so people have been talking about nora elena, right?
even i'm home now, i couldn't watch many as i am damn so busy like PM, u know.
so i haven't catch my eyes to follow any dramas at the moment.
i missed my favourite CSI, DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, THE KARDASHIANS, and so on.
i had to skipped my favourite 711 channel too :( all comedy series, in fact !

urghhhh i'll take revenge once i finished my industrial training !
can't waitt ! losta things to do before i force myself back for a part time work !
DIGGING MONEY instead of goyang kaki moment lahhh babe !

maybe go for 3 months part time work, then i'll kick my ass off for another almost 3 years degree years !
i'll apply for fast track soon next month once UiTM opened the registration line.
if i don't apply, i have to wait a year before i enter myself for degree.
what a time waste right? 

that just it.

before i end, let me leave u with few visual aids;

alamak, lupa nk rotate. haha

mylove !

gedix nyahhh, tk abes ckp gmba dia lawa berharian

lovely fafa

rancakkkk borak, lol

aah, pg bl cupcakes utk fathers day abah :) lmbt gila kann update?

*sory tktaw. bru taw tkle smbut fathers day. same as mothers day and valentines day. phfttt
au revoir, dadaaa

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