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Assalamualaikum & hello. Please be friendly. No harsh words !


lets get the job done


i have been real busy. this one is no joke. yes, i started my industrial training already. aka practical. and they call me, INTERN STUDENT. whats with intern stud? phfttt is that a pet name, by any chance? lol

not so very tiring yet, not that free, lol. phfttt
to sum up, i just couldn't stop typing *sigh
what a lame?
luckily, typing is my major. so i can handle it, SO FAR.
my first day was exhausting, phfttt

my eyes are both aching. phftttt
i was located under the administration.
basically, under kakliza, who is my neighbour as well. lol
she is the head of admin, as far as i'm concern;
so haven't find any diffulties just yet.
maybe i had one;
transport to office when kakliza is off duty. phfttt
luckily i had the touch n go. but still quite expensive just for the transportation,
couldn't cheat sometimes to go to CM's station to make the student pass for integrated, which includes;
star lrt, putra lrt, monorail and maybe the bus too.
is far more reasonable to be compared. haha
not much to tell u about.
i had my authority tag and access card already.
looks like i am really belong to that company lol :)
now i'm slowly liking my new daily chore as a studan employee :)

reached home(1stday) straightly ate took bath and die. haha lol temporary die i mean.
it took like 3 hours before i got up, and getting things ready for my 2nd day working :)
i feel really a woman these days. haha -.-' KILL ME

sadly talking, mom and dad is outta town :( KEDAH
lol, how i'm going to eat? started to miss her cook, already -.-'

nahh, thats all for now. au revoir, dadaa

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