Notes for u:
Assalamualaikum & hello. Please be friendly. No harsh words !



so this post is like heart to heart session for me.
i'm exposing my anger, to be precise.

retarded !
hay damnnn u. puhleasseeee if u don't want anything for me to interfere, then please stop pretending like want me to even care !
don't u just get it? what the F*^# are u thinking?
don't start the game, or else u'll get worse than what u did to me.
if u happen to read this, please be reminded, i'm starting the war already.
get yr life on your own feet,
for god sake, i've never ever intended to interfere yours.
u are the one who asked me for it, aren't u?
so now, get your life back on sense (if u ever can make it lahhh)
nahhh, i'm the type of person who rarely tell my feeling out loud.
so, i'm writing here.
that just it.
i won't pick up neither to reply u. GET IT?
don't u try to ever dare to do so. u'll only blow out my red hearted then.
i'm so gonna fight with u. FULLSTOP !
BLOCKED ME? i care why?
oh, do i ever did? nahhhh, me hate me hate it !
extremely hate u, such a messy immature girl ! CHILDISH.
u know who u are !

au revoir, dadaaa

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