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splashed us good yawww

salam :)

so i know, i'm so lateeeeeeeeeeee.
i am very lateee ya'all know???
no, i'm not telling u that i missed date or whatsoever. i don't even missed my interview (omggg that would be bad, lol) *i hate the word 'lol' at the first place. but fatinah made me use that word, haha lol

this post is relating to my outing chores last time. or last monday to be exact.
straight to the point, i was so being nice to my child's friend.
i decided to chill my friend, name lily since she felt so devastated for her breakup. yeahhh u know.
the tears and the so called hearbroken moments???
which me, myself can't even handle it alone.
so since i know, how the feeling is, i told her to go for something fun.

on that sunday night, we had discussed and finally targeted sunway lagoon.

so i walked my feet down the stairs(rumah pangsa okay) maybe at 11 something. then the 'brado' who sent us to sunway lepak feel jap kt mamak sa. phfttt
after almost an hour i keep myself in silence mode, finally he drived to sunway. and i can't recall back what time we arrived there. hoho lol

oh i remember, maybe at 1 o'clock something i guess.
after hours spent time there;
we conquered sunway lagoon okay ! haha lol, it was advanterous i must say.

i haven't been there for like years ya know.
i went there when i was in kindergarten lol.
so u got what i mean right?
phfttt it was like weird back then.
oh the best part was that, we don't have to que a long line for riding. hahahahaha big evil laughs, i must say.
but so unfortunate that it was only the two of us. phftt if we were to plan again,
i'll make sure to tag along as many as buddies i could, yeahhh.
then, it will be much more interesting and fun, somehow.
some of the games i mean the roller coaster, the superman thingy and whatsoever;
had made me feel like flying, lol
i'm so light. i mean, my body is light itself.
i floated and flew all the way while sliding down. huga huga
i almost fail to balance myself that then i thought i'll hit down.


most of the games were thrilled yaw.

it was such a waste back then since we had not captured any moments while enjoying the splashes.
phfttt was because we locked all ourr belongings in the locker.
i sure won't risk my phone to drown in, while enjoying the joyness, of course !
andd, i wonder if the stalls around accept wet cash? phewwww
so decided to lock them all in the safe locker. KILL ME !

lily, yes i forgot to mention my friend's name. haha she actually wanted to spend the whole day there,
but i insisted to get back earlier. phfttt how thirsty, how starving i was back then yawww.
i grabbed breakfast only all the day long before. so i couldn't wait much longer to stuff more in my baby tummy !
so i left her swam alone, lol and get change.
called aje fast, to fecth us up. and perfom zuhur and asar, never forget that. :)
ate somewhere around my sri rmpai phfttt.
then headed to jusco wangsa maju, bought tako and bribed it at titiwangsa later than.
andd then i know aje was tired, so we left around 9 something.
that was it.


i comel tk i comel tk i comel tk?????? please say i am ! (feeling like throwing out?  IDGAF ! haha

jam tangan sunway lahh yg aku batak sgt kt previous post tuuuu


candid, haha
lily is really bad in taking picture, i tell ya

well, i don't actually have much words to write out. u know, i failed in describing moments, obviously. grrr

urghhh thats all. au revoir, dadaaa

*i was writing at the notepad as it takes quite some long times for the pictures to upload. phfttt

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