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OURS; our 2nd year anny


okay first of all, my apology.
actually i've been home for 2 days and yet didnt tell u about it right?
i'm so sorry.
had been busy lazy to be real exact. HAHA

so yesterday was my anniversary.
aje was so bad that he didn't greet me sweetly when the cl0ck sharped 12 am.
phfttt was quite pissed back then.
but nahhh, he didn't as he fell asleep due to chemical reaction from flu pill. bhaha
so it wasn't long before my so-called-pissed-off-mood lasted as the next day, which means yesterday;
we celebrated it.
we had first met at CM(pasar seni or central market).
i bought him a mug with our pic and my pic printed on it.
i first thought about making a t-shirt with my face printed on it.
but then, all stalls sell it only with minimum 5 and above. phfttt kn?
so i decided to buy the mug.
okay, i really want something that show us as for anniversary;
the reason why i did it rather than buying him stuffs like watch, belt and so on.


left, muka i comel dia buruk comel. right, muka i buruk dia macho kn? HAHA

ktorang mcm snap random gila and mcm sama pose je. HAHA

if u notice, he's holding the mug i've been talking about.

so we then headed to jusco w.maju before we grabbed kfc around pudu.
ha ha ha tell u what? we then ate at papa john or whatever it was. haha
bnyk gila ktorang mkn kn? PELAHAP


mine right side

we had such a good time back then.
oh i miss him already

err the mug maker(or whatever u call them) mistakenly wrote t as +. *sigh

the pic of me doing that face was taken during before we met :) haha

oh btw, he threw out so bad before we split.
i notice he's rather handsome these days. HAHA

so here are my 10 wishlist for us;
1) to get married soon :)
2) to less argue
3) to grow our relationship stronger and maturer
4) to be your best best best friend (i'm still finding ways to get rid off his friends on his top list. haha)
5) to love you less (this is weird, but i must so i won't hurt everytime i feel disheartened)
6) to make u love me the MOST. (self-centered of me)
7) to hurt u less than i did before
8) to understand u, and not being queen control anymore ; not to be childish(i'm trying and still do)
9) to be closer with each other every now and then ! (damn miss you so much as i often be out of town !
10) to stay in love together till forever

and so, my buu i love you so much. i'm sory all this long i've been always the one who annoyed u. who care less about your feelings. yeahh, sometimes i got over react that i then always put the blame on u when i shouldn't. and u, just took the blame with your anger still red.
nahh, how i am blessed to have u with me. i thought about it very often and yes, i'm so proud to keep u with me. haha no other girls who can ever take u from me. i'm so strong, i mean;
i built our love so strong, no one could bend ours wall. HAHA

well, we actually celebrated our anny moderately. since he's running his saving. he bought car from his friends 10,000 for cash. but still at the workshop for further maintenance. what can i do, he'd better start saving again for our marriage. HAHA btw, he's a good saver. i tell ya. so not much worry. (this is one of the reasons why i fell for him at the first place)

if u notice, ada rantai kt leher dia :) hee soo sweet. he bought a couple necklace with our pic as the locket. bole cantum taw

forgot to take picture of his one

till then,
au revoir, daaaa


eedaRAWR said...

sweet sesangat la kome bedua nihh :D

Qutiq Ishanee said...

heee,comell :)