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how i hate waiting -.-'


so i guess every each of u readers also in the same shoes as me right?
who likes to wait? nahhhh, how u do that huh?
so i was shopping online. and the most thing that i can't bare wait to reach my doorstep is;
baby phat shauna crossbody bag;
which i ordered it last month. can u imagine how impatient i could be?
Baby Phat Shauna Crossbody Handbag
yeahh this is it.

aje had paid for me. so i really hope, i won't get cheated. or else, he would..., er i don't know what he would do. phfttt
call me noob, as this is my first time do online shopping -.-'
but yesterday i just transfered rm40.50 for 2 satin shawls at apple pink bow, :)
and i was waiting for both of them. dayummmm
i am waiting~
oh how i wish my cynical sound could reach their ears.

and i just knew Kimora Lee Simmons has already left baby phat. announced on august 2010.
haha i'm really outdated. i knew it from 712, E! yeahh, life in the fab lane, of course.

errr, thats all for now. idk what to write.
au revoir, dadaaa

p/s; i taw, shoutbox i dh gila. nant lah tuka

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