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basically, well not intended to blog in details about this movie.
what i can say? i reckon everyone has watched it right?
i'm telling u this not to be biased or halo-ed this movie, but hell yeah this is the best movie i've ever watched. u know it right?
transformer has always leading my top-lists-movie-to-watch. but u know;
at the current moment,
i have no doubt to demotion it to the second place.
blame me not. Justin Lin takes the blame in this case. haha

enough say, i'm not savvy enough when it comes to commenting.

well, to sum up my itinerary yesterday (the day i caught fast5), i had first accompanied mama to chow kit.

not to mention to forget i had big fight the day before yesterday.
well, a real big one this year so far; i have to mention.

and he phoned me and now we are okay after hearing his explanation which he failed to so on frid and sat. did i mention i left him clueless as i offed my phone over more than 24 hours. HAHA
thumbs up to him.

back to business;

so then, i headed to KLCC alone before i met $@^ there.
and watched the movie then straight to surau and later then to fill up the stomach;
well basically to re-energized our body of course. HAHA

it was a short day i guess. back as early as 6.30 something.
and that was just it.
i felt very tired when it supposed to be not-so-tiring-day.
i couldn't find the answer why. u tell me why if yr really that care.

eh btw, i got the internship at Cheras. Bandar Tasik Selatan.
and to be specific, i'll be starting my practical training at JobMarket soon.
exact date; on this May 30th.
working hours-9 to 5p.m
be aware to get ready.
i mean, u may find me somewhere at star lrt linked to sri petaling at peak hours of course.

visual aids for the day;
is what i ate; MEAT BALL NAPOLITANA.
(just the moment i bribed it to my mouth, i remembered that i dislike spagheti)

andd, don't ask me. but yes, i malas nk make up. since susa nk solat nant. so, natural beauty is a yes except when i'm in off mode every a week in a month. HAHA that time, i'll take revenge :)
thats all for now.
au revoir, dadaa

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