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eh its kebab


well, lets get it straight to the point,
yes, i made kebabs as for brkfst today.

enjoy the visual aids;

actually taken yesterday. i had made one.

mama and abah commented me, that it was delicious. haha
and tell u what?
mama asked me to make some again when she goes to relative's wedding ceremony,
near soon.

as a matter fact, it yes i ain't a good cooker.
haha yeahhh, okay maybe i can cook some dishes;
especially anything relates to sambal.
as i'm a very die hard fan of 'em.
and i used to make mihun tomyam for my open house long time ago.

but u know, still i'm never be enough to even get near to the 'chef' newbie.

i've always envy those who have the skill. haha
yeahhh, they can bake cupcakes and whatsoever.
but i never try to even dare myself if only i'm gifted, somehow?

well, that just it.

how i miss that boot. :'(

au revoir, dadaaa

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