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Assalamualaikum & hello. Please be friendly. No harsh words !


this is real dejected


okay, i know i haven't update u about my exam right?
first of all, im still hoping for a miracle -invincible-
darn it,
i was hoping to grab on the Anugerah Naib Cancelor title - that i'll be losing my another trillion liters of tears if i fail to get it.
i was hoping so, and will be losing so.
i know, it doesn't agree to each other in sentence neither for real.
i sound awkward since i am awkward myself.
i can foresee what are awaiting, a year in time.
IF I JUST DON'T NAIL IT. - next paper is law, prayyyyyy !

i was imaginary-ing to stroll through the stage for my scroll with myself having such an extraordinary glorious feeling.
how can i imagine that? well as stated former, i can foresee.
but u know, Allah Maha Besar.
so how i can tell that?
i put my hope, yet barely to lean on it.
and the fact is, i only can foresee.
what if it turns upside down?


by any chance, do u get what i mean?
okay, lets get straight to my point.
papers are damn tough !
so, now u got what i mean earlier?
and i feel very UNSAFE right now !
phfttt OB was the only paper i THINK i nailed it.
AOM, ETR, ACC? don't dare ask me.
u sure predict the answer by now ! right????!

so yeahhh, i only hope for miracle to happen.
lets pray, going to perform solat hajat once i clear my period.

very uneasy at the moment

au revoir, daaaa

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nUr _ atiQah said...

singgah tgk qutiq hari ni^^~