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LOVE is jeopardizing ♥

i've a bit clashes with emotions right now.
aje, just texted. wants to go lepak with friends.
he's just awake. and i guess he's straight forward thinking about lepak right then.
his new sensation at this moment, i guess.
i notice, he's attitude is averagely changing half a year to a different kinds by times.
he fails to maintain his attitude in a long-term motion.
i've been a very good observer, tell ya.

people live with vary emotions.
so do i, and i believe on this sentence, 'emotions are contagious'
pain is everywhere when u talk about love.
the universe never sleep with love.
and the god's creature never switch their affections off.
directly or indirectly, human being will always get attracted to another.
regardless what identities they hold to stand for.
opposite sexes, same sexes.
gays, lebians, or even straights.
whatever it is, we are surrounded by love's embrace.
for family, for friends, and even for heartthrob.

sometimes it can be very exhausting,
sometimes it can be very delighting.
either way, but no one has ever satisfied with these contagious feelings.

u can't live solely alone.
we're dependable to every each of us/thing who/that we love.
in describing love, i was left clueless.

how about ya?

i hope for a mr.right to immediately emerge in my life.
but to think deeply, i may feel uneasy to accept one (if i got no one right now) in my life.
i have like bunches that burden me right now.
how can i torture me, for another? -.-'
i intended to give an advice, actually.
haha but i guess, i've gone over-whelming a bit.
so, if only u are not attached YET,
don't need to do so as there is a long way to go, my lady. (only if u are under age)
HAHA emotions are of course contagious.
but u know, u still have much affections already.
to so many people in your life except someone like special lover.

au revoir, daaaaa

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