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so i was kinda like filling my-suppose-studying-time with blogwalking.
i have one paper tomorrow, but it seems like it will be ages in time as i don't start studying yet.
i'm gonna fail my paper if i keep letting my brain empty okay !
woke up later than usual at almost 7am.
and perform subuh - crucial !
then had voice phone call with mama.
talked about her that i had been kacau with the hantu while i taking the wudu' for solat hajat last time.
and seriously it scared my ass loads ! phftttt
until now, i always feel hesitant to perform solat at early morning. phftttt

and then, i started gaming first, only then i blogging until now !
phfttt i feel restless already though it not even half day yet?
i was waiting for epul to come into the campus - since he was staying outside the campus.
we had a date group discussion together.
never done it yet. seriously ! HAHA
i noticed that most of my friends here, specifically my classmates.
not so into study group. phfttt
what a waste right?
study group is always an effective way to study smart right?
brainstorming and so forthhh.
i'm getting pointless right now, i bet !

well i feel very happy. haha excited lahhh, because aje topup for me.
so i don't need to waste my notes for wasting credits. HAHA
i'm so clever right? i didn't ask for it. but he forced me to since yesterday.
what a good boyf, huh?
it has been long while since i last updated about my DEGUPJANTUNG.

i mean like full entry about him.
i thought its annoying to often talking about him at entries.

i'm starving right now, waiting for epul.
then i'll catch lunch with him-NO BREAKFAST YET !
pity me. studying always be a matter of sacrificing.

well, i browsing through so-called-fashionable blogspot.
and just then, i remembered about the boot that i've been searching for.
i had one already. but still finding more.
u know, i'm always a fan of shoes.
every girls are. right?

i thought of stuffing 2 more shoes for my collection during my semester break.
i've been collecting money.
Sri Iskandar leaves me no choice to do so.
but u know, Ipoh has a lot of reasonable shoes.
too pity, i have no transport.
i'm already giving up to go by bus.
phfttt u sure will feel the same way too, if u were happen to be in my shoes !
what a waste.
so i have to spend more notes in KL, for sure. :(
no worries, aje has always been a good banker.
he's not the easy one.
but i'm sure know how to approach him ! HAHA

i feel very ayu this time

till then, daaaa
au revoir

*my point is actually to tell u that i still didn't take shower yet. did i mention by any chance?

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