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hello my bloggay :)
has been quite some times right?
i wish, i could hug-sory u for ignoring yr existence.
phftttt nahh, i've no more excuses except my busyness being a student.
this is like the finale u know, so please.
i guess u would consider it right?
ETR is almost done. how relieving it is, huh?

real QUICK UPDATE, so quickly read this please.
haha ~ lame//

law, i've done my part. HOPE SO !
AOM, submitted ! CHECKED
OB, o emm g ! indi assgnmnt, NO problem :). grouping, is on the way.

now i can breathe easily B)
my lecturing week ends soon. 5 working days in time.

i got my examination schedule last time,
so unfortunate, short gap in between ONLY.
one with no gap AT ALL. going crazy !

about my industrial training which i'll be doing soon, next sem to be exact;
no, i'm attached to KL, still.
phfttt so frustrated back then to know that i was rejected by one in Pahang.
phfttt *deep sigh

maybe, 3 years in PERAK is enough already.
or maybe Allah wants me stay close with my lovely family?
both are acceptable.

so tomorrow, as planned i'll be going half day a way (maybe) to complete OB's.

thats all :)

taken last week, well i never caught myself napping during class. but 'HE' almost did.

au revoir, daaaa

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