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CAMERON TRIP (the journey)


before i start, i extent my apology for my later update.
have been effin' busy, SERIOUSLY !
i'm about to killed by my own assignments, NO JOKES !
stress is my partner, lately. waddaaaEFF?
i hope i can dismiss my SO-CALLED partner,
but puan Zatul said, u must undergo checkups FIRST.
oh mannn, NO !
i don't want to be suspected.
errrr, i mean, MENTAL DISEASE.
no, i'm not sick, its just that...... stress can't leave me alone.
oh myyyyyyyyy !

skip that.

continue on my trip.

off to Cameron on last Thurs and left on Sat, (31-2nd april)
had precious moments there.
i tell, u. i'm serious here ! -.-'
i LOVE cold weather.
but u know, i don't mean freeze weather, TOO.
i wonder how it would be if i were born in overseas?
cut it off -.-

so around almost 8pm, we finally arrived.
i thought it has been a long journey, and darn it !
so we were waiting for the lecturers to arrive,
at the LOBBY.

have a chit chat with 3 guys,
that happened to be our ranger ! O EMMM GIIIIEEE !
errr -,- i first had wondered why the heck they asked me like FBI?
the next morn, i knew why. HAHA
(we hiked on Friday)-*told ya about the journey !

so after checked in,
we had a program. more to a TAKLIMAT to be exact.
got into group. oh my group was ISABELLA. funny aite?
miss mazuin gave each of us a piece of paper that has one song title on it.
i got isabella, then i had mumbled my song (was asked to) before i finally met my group members.
oh i also remember we have had to line up accordingly to our birth month.
i'm an October-ian.
only then mis mazuin gave us the paper.

so i got to know my members.
okay this is the hardest one,
i'm so bad at memorizing creatures-specifically human being !
phfttt *sigh
the only two, were Mel and Naza (i forgot the rest)
i think it was 6 of us. if not mistaken LAHHH.

this is the part i love the most !
i love the foods ! HAHA
yes, we ate like 6 times per day. check this out :-

i meant, this,

i didn't snap all foods, well i can't remember if i were to given the task to snap all foods' pictures?
i doodled this,

read me, psychologist !

well, still remember,
my room is at 243. HAHA

the next day, we went for hiking.
refer here, capturing brinchang mount, so nothing further to tell.

at night, we had karoeke and bbq
tell u what, i sang :)
they praised me, OH THANKYOU !
WELL U KNOW ME... *please dont throw up

pictures on sunday [last day :'( ]
i love strawberry choc, fall for it !
i often refuse to eat fruits, except this one.
i never be a strawberry fan. but u know, this one really lured me !
i ate, 3 times. i wanna buy them bulky,
but my notes didn't afford. how bad...

oh yea, i keep picture of my group,

ignore my silly face *sigh

look at this, yummmy ain't it?

they keep calling us, 'GOLONGAN ELIT
*bangga gila aku

this is gift from lectures.
blame me, i broke it !

today was actually tiring.
books are bestfriend. COLLAPSE !
have to end here,

i have stories about my poor palm ! :(

au revoir, daaaa

*read my palm !

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