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if i were to choose between exam in sch or exam in Uni.
i'd rather pick exam in Uni.
u only have one big finale exam at the very last year of sch.
contrary to when in Uni, everytime u have exam, quizzes and so forth.
-that of course the marks will affect your final result.
at least, when u were to sit for final exam (Uni) u get the picture as the quests ask had been asked in quizzes, tests also.
despite that the fact that u at least have already screen reading when u sit for quizzes.
rather than when in sch, u barely study for tests right?
up to this point, do u by any chance get me?

the reason for me not study right now.
as i take 'tk bole belajar masa maghrib' into consideration.
i'm taking this opportunity to ringan ringan with my beby pelangii lahhh :)

so today is quite a mess.
me and nok have to go through the blazing hot sun ! DAYUMMM, i tell u
i was all showered with my own water drops, mannn !
until i can smell my masamness. phftt luckily i'm not a type of person who has the tengit ketiak.
though i don't wear any deodorant just now. HAHA
i use deodorant for some times only-when to go to classes/DATING*of course.
but sometimes i do smelly.
some kind of fabric does make me smelly. urghhh

i had went to my faculty to see my carry mark for AOM.
44.75& over 50%. nahhhh have to push my hard study more.
and also i got 25% over 30 as for acc.
still clueless with the rest, though.
i'm pretty much worried for ETR's and OB's papers.
u know, if i go through the objective quest of OB.
i can barely tell u which chapter is the quest from. phfttt
so how can u tell me? if the possibilities are that close for me to answer,
maybe from essay quests.
i prefer essay rather than MCQ (multiple choice quests)
since u know, objectives' are very tricky quests !
for my shrimp brain, i'm surely will have those quest marks pasted direct on my face then !

so this is like AGAIN a random post.

*somehow right now i'm thinking of triplets. HAHAHA gila me !

till then, au revoir

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