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yeahhh titled that way this time entry cause they are kind of like the major matter to discuss.

i've been so busy these days, but still i push myself to fill the minuscule gaps in between to blogging. yeahhh, i'm afraid i couldn't blog as much as they all want me to. i'm afraid, they'll lose interest on mine. those three matters titled are the things that guilty. don't put the blame on me as my hectic chores as students didn't leave me with choices.

assignments, ETR plus LAW plus BEL plus errr forgot already.
ehh, tonight i have meeting with my board of director. CEWAHHHHHH !

BEL ! hey, borrow me your NST/Sunday News please? need article to review !

LAW againnn, grouping assignment. i found grouping assgnmnts are much more complicated, RATHER than individuals. OPINIONS are freedom !

this week, i have law test double up with OB's quiz. luckily my Acc's has been shifted to next week. BHAHAHA

just now, answered law's. either two. but i answered 3 of them. hope she find the best two. so i'll get high mark in return.

oh not to forget to mention,
i added ben, farahin and rasilah who are my ex-classmates long ago.
miss you school !

oh i fought with aje yesterday. WE BROKE. and we on back. HAHA

eh why they said bloggers like me annoying when it comes to mentioning about relationship hah?
am i found guilty here? not normal mehh?

wait a minute, why am i blogging actually? isn't it because i want to express my heart out loud? so why they arise such issue here?

eh ran out from topic already !

so yeahhh, i hope my bloggay won't find me so-boring-lame-qutiq.

as a stud, i have loads more to think. regardless the busyness of course.

i'm no more in my honeymoon. so bloggay, don't be sad. i'm not that jerk. :)

previous quizzes:

account=21/25 , administrative office management=46/50

i know, i've to fix here and there. STILL !

so i'll get in the dean list again. and to achieve my aim all this while. that is, to get the Anugerah Naib Chancellor.

long way to go? eh no lahhhh. 2 sems to go.

ANDD, tomorrow i'll get my dean list certificate :) so i'll be absence from morning classes, evening classes perhaps also.

hey, don't forget to pray for me huh? i'll be wearing my brand new Kurung that just bought by mama for me to take the Dean List. heeeee how life feels so good right when mama pamper me?

again, pray for me. so i'll get ANC. hahaha

thats all. i know, quite lame right.

au revoir, dadaaa

i look gorgeous and so gardeny right?

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